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Individual carbon

Anything to declare?

It’s even easier than ever to jet set across the world, but what’s the real cost of your travels to the environment?

Did you know a return flight from London to New York releases almost a tonne of CO2 into our skies for every passenger on board? This invisible extra baggage is one of the main greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Everyday actions, like driving to work or heating our homes, also release significant amounts of carbon.

But curbing our carbon footprint is not emission impossible. With the help of a tree or two, you can reduce your impact on the environment.

Avoid and reduce

We can all do our bit to tackle CO2 emissions. Why not join a car share scheme at work, give public transport a go or turn down the heating? Recycle as much as possible and always turn the lights off when you leave a room.

Nature’s lungs

You can boost our environment’s natural carbon absorbing abilities by helping us to plant and care for trees. Trees are nature's lungs. Every tree absorbs carbon, locking it away and keeping it out of our atmosphere. The more trees there are, the more carbon that is absorbed.

Donate to mitigate

By making a donation*, you can help us plant trees and care for existing woodland that will help to mitigate your carbon emissions.

  • £25 could allow us to plant up to 25 square metres of woodland – enough to store almost 1 tonne of carbon, the equivalent of a return flight to New York.

  • £10 could plant enough trees to store 0.4 tonnes, the equivalent of a return flight to Athens.

  • £5 could plant enough trees to store 0.2 tonnes, the equivalent of a return flight to Barcelona.

*Your donation will support the work of the Woodland Trust, including our aim of planting a tree for every person in the UK by 2025, but we cannot guarantee it will be spent exclusively on tree planting.  In 2017, 82p of every £1 we received went towards our charitable objectives. Learn more about our objectives here.

Personal carbon

Reduce your carbon footprint