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Citizen science detects species decline

by Hollie Anderson, PR Officer & Celebrity Liaison on 16 January 2018

A paper published by Avian Biology Research has highlighted the importance of citizen science data and its support to analysis of species decline.

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Plans unveiled for 50 million tree new Northern Forest

by Steve Marsh, PR Manager on 07 January 2018

Our ambitious new project will create a forest stretching from Liverpool to Hull, benefiting people and wildlife.

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I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas

by Hollie Anderson, PR Officer & Celebrity Liaison on 22 December 2017

The Woodland Trust’s Nature’s Calendar project has been receiving records of spring events such as hazel flowering and elder budburst, up to four months earlier than expected.

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Nine year olds’ knowledge of trees betters twenty somethings

by Andy Bond, PR & Content Manager - Partnerships on 11 December 2017

Nine-year-olds are more likely to identify Britain’s most iconic trees such as the oak and holly than people in their twenties, a survey shows.

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A project in praise of the hedgerow

by Rory Francis, Communications Officer - Wales on 05 October 2017

September 27 saw the launch of the Long Forest project at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

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Prosiect sy'n canmol y berth

by Rory Francis, Communications Officer - Wales on 05 October 2017

Ar y 27 Medi fe gafodd prosiect y Goedwig Hir ei lansio yng Ngardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol Cymru.

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Coed Cadw’n sefyll i ddiogelu coetiroedd hynafol Sir y Fflint

by Rory Francis, Communications Officer - Wales on 27 September 2017

Mae Coed Cadw (Woodland Trust), elusen cadwraeth coetiroedd mwyaf y DU, wedi mynegi ei bryder wrth i Lywodraeth Cymru gyhoeddi ddoe ei fod yn bwriadu adeiladu ffordd newydd trwy goetir hynafol hardd ac na ellir ei ail-greu, rhwng Llaneurgain a’r Fflint, a elwir yn Leadbrook Wood neu Oakenholt Coed, a hynny’n groes i'w bolisïau ei hun.

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Bluebells may fail to flourish as warmer days speed start of spring

by Alison Kirkman, Senior PR Officer on 10 February 2017

Carpets of English bluebells have long been a feature of spring woodlands – but the flowers may not be at their best in years to come as climates get warmer, research suggests.

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Two-thirds of population can’t explain colour change in autumn leaves

by Chris Hickman, Senior PR Officer on 28 October 2016

Do you know why leaves change colour? If not you aren't alone. A survey reveals 65% of the population has no idea.

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Ripe blackberry records crumble after late, cold spring

by Chris Hickman, Senior PR Officer on 31 July 2016

Early signs of ripe blackberries are falling behind schedule following a cold, late spring according to records on Nature's Calendar.

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