Free trees for schools and communities

Applications for tree packs for schools and community groups are now closed for this season due to popular demand.

But don’t despair! Our booking page will be live again on 23 August 2018 for March 2019 delivery so keep your eyes peeled and get in quick.

We look forward to receiving your application soon but if you can’t wait until then, you can buy packs in our shop and all year round

 If you've got any questions please read our FAQs.

Before you start you’ll need to:

  • know the grid reference of the land you wish to plant
  • have permission from the legal landowner

Tree packs

Hedge pack


Welcome the wildlife. Mammals, insects and birds all love the shrubs in this hedge pack. Plant these trees to make a natural screen or use them to connect existing woodland, helping hedgehogs and dormice stay on the move. You will get six of each species for eight metres of full, easy to manage hedging.

Trees: 30 Species: dogrose, hawthorn, hazel, crab apple, elder Size of land: tennis court

Copse pack


Create a piece of paradise with this copse pack. Plant a mini forest school classroom or a peaceful spot that’s an oasis for birds. You will get 10 of each species for a small, tranquil copse.

Trees: 30 Species: silver birch, rowan, wild cherry Size of land: tennis court

Wild harvest

Wild Harvest

Get fruity with our wild harvest pack. In a few years you’ll be steeping sloe gin, setting crab apple jelly and sinking elderflower wine. Or try something a bit different with dog rose syrup and roasted hazelnut coffee.

Trees: 105 or 420 Species: hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, dog rose, elder, wild cherry Size of land: 4x tennis court (105), football pitch (420)

year round colour

Year round colour

Stay on trend with this season’s colours. Enjoy beautiful blossom from April to May and bright berries from July to November. Watch the leaves change from vivid greens through golden hues into gorgeous russet tones.

Trees: 105 or 420 Species: hawthorn, crab apple, wild cherry, silver birch, rowan, hazel Size of land: 4x tennis court 105), football pitch (420)

Working wood

Working wood

Get your hands dirty. Plant our working wood pack and in 7-10 years you could be coppicing to fuel log burners. Channel your creativity and learn to carve or weave willow.

Trees: 105 or 420 Species: rowan, silver birch, wild cherry, common oak, field maple, grey willow Size of land: 4x tennis court (105), football pitch (420)

Wild wood

Wild wood

Soak it up and cool off. These hardy native species can tolerate exposed sites and help dry up areas where water collects easily. Trees absorb water and their roots break up soil to help water penetrate the ground more deeply and slow surface water run-off.

Trees: 105 or 420 Species: hazel, crab apple, downy birch, hawthorn, holly, goat willow Size of land: 4x tennis court (105), football pitch (420)



Just one oak tree supports a thousand other species so imagine how much difference you’ll make planting all these trees! Establish food sources for woodland wildlife and create a living legacy for future generations with our wildlife pack.

Trees: 105 or 420 Species: hawthorn, rowan, blackthorn, silver birch, hazel, common oak Size of land: 4 x tennis court (105), football pitch (420)

Urban trees

Urban trees

Bring a bit of the countryside into your town. Our 15 tree urban pack is designed for planting in residential areas to green up your area. The trees are easy to manage – and, where no communal space is available, they can be split between neighbours using front gardens to green up your street! Tree packs for private use can be found in our shop.

Trees: a mix of three native species chosen to thrive in urban environments Species: crab apple, rowan, hazel Protection: spirals and canes  

Thanks to generous funding from our lead partners.

  • Sainsbury’s
  • players of People’s Postcode Lottery
  • Yorkshire Tea

Additional funding from DEFRA means we can also give away a further 100,000 trees a year until 2020 to eligible schools. Remember, the first pack you order as a school will earn you two points on the Green Tree Schools Award!

Tree Tools for Schools

Our online resource has everything you need to plan, plant and care for your tree pack. All activities are linked to the KS1 and KS2 curriculum. They include a planning tool, planting advice and interactive quizzes, designed initially for schools but a fantastic resource for anyone considering planting Free Tree Packs. 

Launch Tree Tools for Schools.

Tree Tools for Schools

Tree packs are available to buy

If you want your trees straight away or aren’t eligible for the scheme you can buy one of our packs instead.

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School resources

If you’re a school, check out our school tree pack resources. And don’t forget to sign up to the Green Tree Schools Award to earn your first two points!

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