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Premier Paper

A new line of Woodland Trust paper is the latest step in our blossoming partnership with Premier Paper.

In 2014 the business gave us £90,000 to mitigate carbon by planting 145,000 square metres of new native woodland – the equivalent area of 20 football pitches.

With around 400 employees, Premier Paper is a similar size to the Woodland Trust.

The partnership began with the business giving its customers the opportunity to capture equivalent amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) that are released from the production, storage and distribution of the paper they buy and sell – through the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme.

In the Woodland Carbon scheme, the Trust plants trees to soak up CO2 which is damaging to the environment.

Premier customers who engage in the carbon capture scheme pay £8.50 per tonne of paper and this is then passed on to the Woodland Trust to fund the planting of trees.

Premier Paper is also regularly involved in other ways with the Woodland Trust.

Staff and customers from the organisation have shown that they are willing to get their hands mucky come rain or shine in a host of tree planting events.

Woodland Trust office paper

In 2014 Premier Paper announced it was producing its first ever reams of Woodland Trust Office Paper. Now, for every 500 sheet pack of this fully sustainable FSC® quality paper that is sold, 5p of the wholesale price goes directly to the Woodland Trust

Premier Paper also announced in 2014 that it was putting the Woodland Trust logo on its fleet of vans.

Chris Stanyon, Director of Environmental Sales at Premier Paper, said:

"Over 300 of our customers have engaged with the carbon capture programme so far and the numbers are continuing to grow month on month.

"Carbon capture gives them an easy to understand marketing platform on which they are able to communicate their own green credentials to their customers and staff. However, the important thing of course, is that the Carbon capture programme generates funds to plant new native woodland here in the UK through the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme."

Key achievements 

  • £90,000 donated by Premier Paper in 2014 to the Woodland Trust through the mitigation of carbon
  • 145,000 square metres of trees planted
  • New line of Woodland Trust Office Paper – generating funds for the Woodland Trust