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Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society is planting thousands of trees and creating woodlands with us in communities across the UK.

In 2014, Nationwide pledged to plant a tree for every employee and then last year pledged to plant a tree for members opting to go paperless.

Lynn Forrester, Sustainability Manager at Nationwide said:

"We want to do the right thing in terms of building a sustainable business for our members and employees. Our woodland creation programme will help us reduce our environmental impact but also contribute to local communities."

It began by planting thousands of trees at Ravens Retreat near its headquarters in Swindon and buoyed by the enthusiasm of its members and passion from local communities, it has joined with us and pledged to plant 60,000 more trees and create 20 new woods at locations across the UK.

For Nationwide, it is a project with wide-reaching aims, from reducing its environmental impact to creating beautiful woodlands for local communities.

Another part of the partnership is Nationwide’s support for our Community Woodland network which has started with a pilot across the North of England and offers funding, inspiration and support for communities to own and manage their local woods.

Nationwide Building Society will support us through funding and communications to work with 50 communities before the end of the pilot and a new website has also been launched which provides information and resources for anyone to find out how to set up a group to help manage or acquire an area of woodland.

More on the partnership

  • Nationwide Building Society will plant trees and create new woods across the UK
  • It is also supporting the Community Woodland network, which has started with an initial pilot in the north of England and aims to inspire communities to own and manage their own community woods – instilling a sense of pride and passion for nature
  • To celebrate the launch of the partnership with us, they offered a £1 donation to us for the first 60,000 of its members who went paperless during March 2016
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