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School kids sat on a log

We're making outdoor learning in woods more accessible (Photo: Terry Morris/WTML)

Teaching children outdoors encourages curiosity and stimulates all the senses in a way that indoor learning simply can't do.

Education research by King’s College London has found that children who spend time learning in natural environments perform better in academic studies.

Exploring the natural world makes other school subjects, such as reading, mathematics, science and social studies, more relevant and truly gets children excited about learning.

We provide free activities and learning aids that encourage children to embrace the natural world around them, such as our Green Tree Schools Award programme.

Whether you’re leading a group of Cubs and Brownies into the woods for an adventure or educating a community group on the benefits of nature and wildlife, we have lots to offer you.

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Green Tree Schools Award

We reward schools for completing environmental projects and encouraging outdoor learning. Over 8,000 schools are already taking part.

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School resources

Our curriculum-linked resources support teaching children about the environment, and how important woods and trees are.

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Trees For Schools

Tree planting is a fun and engaging way to get kids outdoors. As a school, you can apply for tree packs to plant on your grounds.

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Outdoor Learning Packs

Our outdoor learning pack for primary school teachers is full of ideas and aligned to Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence but useful for all UK schools.

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The Man Who Planted Trees

Tell the story of The Man Who Planted Trees with this free to download assembly pack.

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