16 baby names inspired by trees and woods

16 baby names inspired by trees and woods
Inspire a love for the woods from the beginning of your little one's life. (Photo: Natalia Deriabina /iStockphoto.)

Are you mulling over names for a new arrival? Whether you're looking for a traditional name or something unique, there are plenty of options associated with trees and woods. Here are a few of our favourites to add to your shortlist.

Tree names for girls


Why not name your daughter after this lovely tree with leaves that shimmer in the breeze?

Elowen (pronounced EL-oh-wen or e-LO-wen)

This pretty name means 'elm' in Cornish.


The hazel tree has long been believed to have magical properties.


A fitting name for a girl born in December. Holly is a symbol of eternal life.

Ilana (pronounced i-LA-nuh)

A Hebrew name meaning 'tree'. In Jewish culture, it's traditionally given to girls born around Tu B’Shevat (a special day to celebrate trees) that falls at the end of January.


This charming name means faithfulness.


This Gaelic name means 'from the island of the lime tree'.


The willow tree is graceful, but also strong because of its flexibility.

Mother and baby outside among the trees
Start them young. Give your child a special connection with woods and trees. (Photo: Itakayuki/iStockphoto.)

Tree names for boys


An Old English name meaning 'oak meadow'. The oak is a symbol of strength and endurance - lovely characteristics for your little boy.


This Irish name means 'oak grove'.


This popular Scottish name originated in Normandy and means 'willow woods'.


It's the name for a Scottish sea loch, but did you know 'firth' is also Old English for 'woodland'?


The Old English word for holly tree. It's a good alternative if you like 'Holly' for a girl.


Another name for the lime tree, which is a symbol of liberty in France and Switzerland.

Mother and baby outside among the trees
Symbolism adds even more personality to a baby name. (Photo: Monkey Business Images/iStockphoto.)

Gender-neutral tree names


The rowan is another tree believed to have magical qualities, and its display of scarlet berries in late summer and early autumn makes 'Rowan' the perfect choice for a baby born around this time of year.


In Viking mythology, the ash is the tree of life. There are lots of variations you could use too, such as Ashley, Ashleigh, Ashwyn or Ashton.

(Photo: EA James/ WTML)

Celebrate a new arrival

The birth of a baby is a very special occasion. Whether you're an expectant parent or an excited grandparent-to-be, we can help you mark the event with a tree or woodland dedication.

This unique gift will grow with your little one and help create a greener world for their future. You can choose to dedicate a single tree or an area of woodland in over 50 woods across the UK. As thanks, we'll send a personalised certificate and information about the wood with your gift.

Find out more about tree dedications for new babies.

What's your favourite tree-themed name?

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