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  • Winter wildlife: what to spot

    Fox walking through a snowy woodland

    Not all wildlife sleeps through winter. In fact, it’s a great time to spot animals and birds like foxes and barn owls as they forage for food. Find out what winter wildlife you can see and what to look out for during the colder months.

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  • Snowy Christmas crafts

    Silver glitter pine cone

    Get set for the festive season with these easy snowy Christmas crafts. Have a go at making paper snowflakes, find out how to create your own snow globe, and even try your hand at whipping up homemade snow!

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  • How to make a bird feeder

    Blue tit on fat ball studded with raisins

    Give birds a helping hand this winter – find out how to make a bird feeder from pine cones, toilet rolls and recycled cartons! Plus, discover what to feed birds and put some tasty treats for your feathered friends.

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  • Winter homes for wildlife: how you can help

    Sleepy hedgehog curled up among autumn leaves

    All animals like to stay cosy and snug in winter. But do you know where they live and how they keep warm? Discover which animals prefer piles of dead leaves and which prefer muddy ponds, and how you can help them during the colder months.

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  • Nature Detectives 2018 family calendar

    Nature Detectives 2018 family calendar

    Organise your family’s next adventures with the Nature Detective family calendar. It has everything you need to plan for 2018, and includes nature photos, fantastic facts and 120 stickers.

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  • How nature prepares for winter

    Red squirrel eating a peanut

    Winter is on its way, but how does nature prepare for it? Find out how hedgehogs, birds, badgers, squirrels and other wildlife get ready to face the cold, and discover why trees lose their leaves in autumn.

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  • What to do with pumpkins

    Pumpkin pulp

    You’re probably wondering what to do with your pumpkin now Halloween is over. It’s a great food source for wildlife, so turn it into a pumpkin birdfeeder, or bury it in your garden for minibeasts to munch on. Just make sure you don’t throw it away!

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  • Facts about birds

    Blue tit sitting on a twig

    Birds are fascinating – they swoop through the woods and pop into our gardens, and are so much fun to watch. But just what do birds eat? Do birds wee? And do they sleep? Find out with these facts about birds!

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  • Tree bark art and crafts

    Little girl making bark rubbing

    Tree bark is filled with loads of interesting textures and patterns. Make the most of it with our bark art and craft ideas. Try bark rubbing, making your own bark tea light holders, or building a bark boat.

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  • Spooky Halloween craft ideas for kids

    Pumpkin lantern

    Looking for some horrifying Halloween ideas? Get set to make the most of autumn’s spookiest festival with some of our favourite Halloween crafts. Create a treetastic pumpkin stencil, make a witches’ broom and rustle up some leaf monsters.

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  • Find out about UK moths for Moth Night

    Yellow-tail moth

    Celebrate amazing moths and find out all about the different types of UK moths. Plus, check out our moth ID sheet, and discover what moths eat and how to attract them to your garden.

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