Resources for your tree pack

Schoolchildren with a notepad outdoors (photo Douglas Blank/WTPL)

Extend your pupils' enjoyment of tree planting with these activities (photo Douglas Blanks/WTPL)

We've created some engaging activities to support your tree pack and inspire your pupils about trees and wildlife.

These resources are cross-curricular and include topics such as measuring and exploring a hedge, food chains, storytelling and natural craft ideas.

They are designed to complement the planting of your school's saplings and can be used with future classes and year groups to extend your school's learning journey. 

Teacher notes (PDF, 3.2MB)

Pupil worksheets (PDF, 2.5MB)

Fascinating tree fact sheets (PDF, 2.5MB)

Get two points on the Green Tree Schools Award

If you're planting your first pack of trees you are eligible for two points on our Green Tree Schools Award.

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