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Green Tree Schools Award

Our Green Tree Schools Award is free, fun and has fantastic activities to help your school celebrate woods and trees.

We reward schools for completing environmental projects and encouraging outdoor learning. Our award is a fantastic way to enhance your school's green credentials while inspiring youngsters about woods and trees. It's also completely free.

10,000 schools are already taking part in the Green Tree Schools Award. Join them today! 

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, every school that signs up to the award in June will get a free limited edition leaf swatch book.

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How the award works

Schools gain points for completing activities and progress through bronze, silver and gold levels to the prestigious platinum award.

Get a certificate when you complete each level and receive a fantastic wooden plaque to display in school when you reach gold. (This is upgraded when you achieve the final platinum award.)

The Green Tree Schools Award can also contribute to other award schemes such as Eco Schools.


There are a variety of hands-on, educational activities you can do. They are designed to encourage your pupils to explore the natural world around them and use their imaginations. Activities include:


You earn points towards your award by completing activities. 

5 points = bronze
10 points = silver
15 points = gold
30 points = platinum (special platinum projects are unlocked once your school reaches gold)