Tirpentwys Quarry access road

(Photo: J Corey/WTML)

Peakman Ltd first submitted their application to quarry at the Tirpentwys Cut in 2003. Part of the proposals includes the construction of a 1km access road through a large woodland complex known as Craig Major/Craig Sion Siencyn.

A corridor of between 25 and 30 metres of vegetation would have to be removed resulting in a loss of approximately three hectares of ancient woodland.

These woods are designated as Restored Ancient Woodland Sites on Natural Resources Wales’ Ancient Woodland Inventory. This means they had previously been planted with non-native trees but have now been restored to a mixed deciduous composition.

Ancient woodland is never an appropriate place for any form of development. The Welsh Government’s Planning Policy Wales makes this very clear by stating, in paragraph 5.2.8:

“Ancient and semi-natural woodlands are irreplaceable habitats of high biodiversity value which should be protected from development that would result in significant damage.”

Siting an access road through a lengthy stretch of ancient woodland is simply unacceptable. The applicant must re-think the proposals to avoid any damage or loss to ancient woodland.

Update: Thank you to all our supporters who have submitted their objection to these harmful proposals. Torfaen County Borough Council is no longer accepting comments on this application. The case officer will now be reviewing the comments received by ourselves, our supporters and other consultees to prepare a report for the council’s planning committee, who will likely be meeting and issuing a decision early in 2017.

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