ACT NOW - Enough is Enough - Protect ancient woodland

The UK’s ancient woodland habitats are made up of our earliest native woods, priority ancient wood pasture and our ancient and veteran trees (Photo: WTML)

Irreplaceable habitats deserve better than this...

Enough is Enough

The ancient woodland habitats of the UK are our earliest native woods and priority wood pasture, and our oldest and most impressive trees. They are our richest land-based habitats; there’s still so much we can learn from these natural wonders.

They are defenceless

Despite being such treasures our ancient woodland habitats are not fully protected. Many people are surprised to learn they have no legal status, and they have very little (sometimes no) real protection from development, climate change, tree pests and disease, inappropriate management, intensive land use and more. 

Enough is enough

These ancient habitats need proper protection - now. And before we lose them forever. With your help, we can change their fate. Are you with us?


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