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High speed train

The Government plans to build a high speed rail line known as High Speed 2 (HS2), linking a number of the UK's major cities.

Phase 1

Phase one of HS2 intends to link London and Birmingham. 39 ancient woods will be directly affected with a further 23 at risk of secondary effects such as disturbance, noise and pollution.

We are petitioning Government in relation to the impacts of this phase. Our petition (PDF, 1MB) has been submitted with a view to first avoid, and if not possible, minimise damage to ancient woods and trees, and the species dependent on them.

Phase 2

Phase two will form a ‘Y’, running from Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester. 14 ancient woods face the threat of destruction with a further 21 exposed to secondary effects.

We are currently lobbying MPs that have woods within 200m of the proposed line, urging them to speak up for their local ancient woods and trees. To help avoid irreplaceable habitat loss, email your MP now to express your concerns.

Impact of development

Whilst generally supportive of green transport measures we are yet to be convinced that this proposed rail route by the Government is as green as it claims.

We echo many people's concerns over HS2's potential environmental impact. Our primary worry is the high level of damage to ancient woodland along the route.