UPDATE - Our work with The Climate Coalition

Woodland Trust staff, volunteers and supporters joined The Climate Coalition’s Speak Up lobby at Westminster (Photo: M Larsen-Daw/WTML)

We are a member of The Climate Coalition, a group of over a hundred organisations dedicated to limiting the impact of climate change on the people, places and life we love - at home in the UK and around the world. It’s a positive movement which aims to highlight just how much we all care about the challenges we and future generations face.

Climate change and woods and trees

The trees that line our streets and gardens. The hedges that adorn our countryside. The woods where we walk. They provide and purify our air, clean and encourage water storage, give our wildlife homes, lock up carbon and make our landscapes green and beautiful. The biggest long term threat to these benefits, and the trees, woods and wildlife themselves, is that posed by the impacts of extreme weather and uncertain seasons.

Climate change exacerbates the likelihood of tree pests and disease. Fluctuating seasonal changes result in a loss of synchrony in the workings of ecosystems’ and species’ competitive advantages. The impacts of storms and drought may fragment already declining habitats and negatively affect species’ range. The natural world could struggle to adapt in its battle for survival. Ancient woodland, a habitat made up of unique delicate ecosystems, is particularly vulnerable.

The Trust is working to increase resilience within urban and rural areas. We promote the role of trees and woods in mitigating the impacts. We raise awareness of the issues and encourage personal action, such as planting trees. And as an organisation we continue to reduce our own impact on the environment.

Find out more about we are doing in our position statement on climate change

Latest news

From the 1st until 9th July there will be a week of action across the UK. Our friends at The Climate Coalition are asking everyone to Speak Up about climate change and let our MPs know that we care about the things in our everyday lives that could be lost. This week of action after the election provides the perfect opportunity to let our newly elected MPs know that people across the UK support action on climate change.

Get involved

You can get involved by signing up to one of many events happening across the UK. People are inviting MPs along to a huge variety of events from walks in the woods to craft sessions. The Climate Coalition are also offering training on how to organise these events for anyone that is interested in learning more.

Join an event or organise your own.



Tackling climate change

Where to plant

Climate change is a serious threat to forests, woods and trees.

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