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APPG on Ancient Woodland and Veteran Trees

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ancient Woodland and Veteran Trees meets several times a year to discuss ancient woods and trees.

Next meeting 16 October

The first thing on the agenda will be a big celebration – members of the APPG have been instrumental in convincing the Government to amend England’s national planning policy to give ancient woodland and ancient and veteran trees the best possible protection! 

It’s really important to see as many MPs at the meeting as possible, as it will also be the Group’s AGM: a minimum number of MPs are required to attend to ensure it can continue to operate as an All-Party Group. 

Invite your MP to attend


The focus for this important group is on raising awareness of ancient woodland and ancient trees in the Houses of Parliament, examining both the threats it faces and the steps necessary to protect it; and how to better value and protect the nation’s veteran and special trees. MPs and Peers from across the political spectrum came together to form the APPG in 2015, which meets throughout the year with the Woodland Trust acting as Secretariat.

The APPG is the best place for your parliamentary representative to learn more about our precious ancient woodland and special trees, and what they can do to help.

Already we’ve seen members raising the profile of ancient woodland in the Houses of Parliament unprompted, leading to important questions in the House and even a formal debate about the issues facing the UK’s most precious woods and trees.

April 2018

This meeting took place on 24 April 2018. The Housing Minister at the time, Dominic Raab, attended so MPs used this opportunity to really press home to him how important it is that our ancient trees are given stronger protection in English planning policy, as well as our ancient woods. Find out more in our blog.

July 2017

This meeting focused on changing planning rules to make the loss or deterioration of ancient woodland "wholly exceptional". The Government has promised to strengthen protection for ancient woodland in its Housing White Paper, a pledge backed by over 15,000 members of the public. The APPG discussed and agreed a number of actions on how they could ensure this is delivered in a way that works for our ancients. Rebecca Pow was also re-elected as Chair after the election. Read more about the meeting and the next steps in our blog.

December 2016

At this meeting on 6 December an AGM was held to vote in new members of the group. SNP MP, John McNally was elected as co-Chair. He will now co-chair alongside existing chair Rebecca Pow. Mims Davies MP for Eastleigh who has been very strong in raising ancient woodland concerns in the House was also elected as Vice-Chair.

At this APPG, the Woodland Trust also presented the results of our recent survey to planners on ancient woodland which resulted in some interesting and lively discussion.

March 2016

On 14 March, the second meeting of the APPG on Ancient Woodland & Veteran Trees took place at Westminster, supported by the Woodland Trust.

Our President, Clive Anderson, captivated those who attended as the keynote speaker and, following an update from the Chair, Rebecca Pow MP, Clive talked about where his love for trees and woodland came from with the MPs and Lords in attendance. He explained why it is vital that legislators recognise their importance so they can be protected for future generations.

Find out more in our blog