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Wildlife & nature

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Thank you for speaking up for natural heritage

by Claire Harwood, Grants officer on 20 April 2018

The recent Heritage Lottery Fund consultation has had an amazing public reaction. Your views will go a long way in showing funders the importance of our natural heritage.

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Can I plant flowers in my wood?

by Emilie Bonnevay, Public Enquiries Officer on 19 April 2018

A woodland coated in wildflowers is truly magical, but what are the do's and don'ts of planting flowers in a wood?

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11 must-know facts about woods and forests in the UK

by Sally-Ann Smurthwaite, Assistant Campaigner - Policy & Advocacy on 19 April 2018

Woods and forests are mysterious, beautiful and fascinating places. Read on to learn 11 amazing must-know facts about our woods and forests in the UK.

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Where do bats live and do they use echolocation?

by James Martin, Content editor on 17 April 2018

Today is Bat Appreciation Day, so here is everything you need to know about these fascinating flying mammals.

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Why are plants important? Reasons why we need them

by Eleanor Clark, Conservation Volunteer on 17 April 2018

Plants are an essential resource; we rely on them for food, water, medicine, the air we breathe, habitat and our climate.

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Testing the water with trees

by Dave Scott, Treescape development lead, Northern Ireland on 11 April 2018

We've planted over 2,500 native trees along the river in Northern Ireland’s beautiful Faughan Valley, where we are working to create a resilient landscape that will benefit both wildlife and people.

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Our ospreys are back!

by George Anderson, PR & Communications Officer - Scotland on 10 April 2018

Louis and Aila have returned from Africa to Loch Arkaig to claim their nest and raise their second clutch. Follow all the action live on our nest camera supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

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Squirrel nests: where and how do they build them?

by Charlie Mellor, Content editor on 09 April 2018

Find out what squirrel nests looks like, where you can spot them and how you can help our native red squirrel.

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All about blue tits: nesting, what they eat and when they fledge

by Eleanor Clark, Conservation Volunteer on 09 April 2018

Blue tits can be seen all year round across the UK. Find out more about what they get up to in spring and how you can help scientists by recording their activities.

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Everything’s coming up bluebells

by Elisabeth Garton, Editor on 04 April 2018

The spring edition of Broadleaf, our vibrant members’ magazine, is out this week and it’s jam-packed with freshly-hatched news and features for woodland lovers.

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