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Bluebells at Langley Vale

High Speed Two – reaching crunch time

by Steve Mulligan, Contributor on 10 March 2014

After our extensive work to analyse the Environmental Statement (ES), thoughts are turning to the next political stages of the Hybrid Bill process – and the important Second Reading debate.

Phytophthora austrocedri

HS2 - On and on it seems to go

by Luci Ryan, Ecological Impact Assessor on 03 March 2014

Thirteen weeks after the 50,000 pages of the HS2 Environmental Statement landed on my desk I can breathe a sigh of relief as I have now submitted the Woodland Trust’s response to the consultation.

HS2 Environmental Statement betrays shocking disregard for ancient woodland

by Alison Kirkman, Senior PR Officer on 26 February 2014

Today we submitted our full response to the Environmental Statement for HS2 Phase 1. Our ecologist, Luci Ryan, has been scrutinising the 50,000-page document since its publication in November 2013 and her findings are significant.

HS2: Less speed, more support?

by Steve Mulligan, Contributor on 17 December 2013

Following the publication of the High Speed Rail Preparation Act and first reading of the Hybrid Bill, the Woodland Trust are now preparing our response to the HS2 Environmental Statement.

Quarry site

The impact of development

by Kaye Brennan, Senior Campaigner on 11 October 2013

Ancient woodland dates back hundreds of years and supports more threatened species than any other habitat in the UK. However, less than 300,000ha remains.

Amddiffyn cenhedlaeth hynafol o goetir a choed

by Nigel Pugh, Campaigns officer Wales on 01 January 0001

Gallai newidiadau posibl i bolisi cynllunio yng Nghymru beryglu’r ychydig o ddarnau goetir a choed hynafol sydd ar ôl. Mae’n hanfodol bwysig ein bod ni’n ymateb i’r bygythiad newydd yma i goetir a choed hynafol, a hynny ar frys.