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What Sheffield felling investigation means for the future

by Joseph Coles, Project Lead - Street Trees on 15 August 2019

After over 5,000 trees were felled across Sheffield, an investigation was carried out. The report heavily criticised the council and its contractor.

Campaigns update: threats from planes, trains and automobiles

by Naomi Tilley, Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy on 01 August 2019

In London, Harrogate, Oxford and Cambridge, we continue the fight to save ancient woods and trees from damage and destruction. Find out how you can help.

Campaigns update: the latest news from HS2

by Naomi Tilley, Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy on 05 July 2019

We’ve seen a wave of new information from HS2 in recent weeks, including another consultation. Unfortunately, it’s not good news.

Calling for change at the lobby for climate, nature and people

by Naomi Tilley, Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy on 02 July 2019

On 26 June, hundreds of our supporters joined us in Westminster at a mass lobby to demand action on climate change and strong environmental laws.

Campaigns update: Wales celebrates as M4 development is refused

by Naomi Tilley, Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy on 10 June 2019

Ancient woodland in Wales has been saved from the proposed M4 relief road thanks to huge public outcry.

Oak: the past, present and future of one of our best loved trees

by Karen Hornigold, Assistant Conservation Adviser - Data & Information on 31 May 2019

The latest issue of Wood Wise tells the story of oak – its role in British culture and as a haven for wildlife, and the threats it currently faces.

How invasive non-native species threaten our woods

by Matt Elliot, Conservation Advisor - Tree & Woodland Health on 13 May 2019

Invasive species have a huge impact on the environment and wildlife, are costly to the economy, and can even pose a risk to our health and way of life. Find out how you can help during Invasive Species Week 2019.

Moody image of a tree at dusk

What are the effects of global warming in the UK? And how can we make a difference?

by Nick Atkinson, Senior Advisor on 24 April 2019

Global warming is affecting the UK. Find out the changes we are already seeing, the changes to come, and how we can fight back.

Campaigns update: challenging the Oxford-Cambridge development project

by Naomi Tilley, Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy on 04 April 2019

As if HS2 wasn’t enough, another huge infrastructure project is now threatening our ancient woods: the Oxford-Cambridge development project.

Scotland’s nature is at risk: will you join the fight?

by Charles Dundas, Public Affairs Manager - Scotland on 25 March 2019

1 in 11 of Scotland’s species face extinction. We believe the Scottish Government needs to bring forward an Environment Act to better protect nature.

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