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Pheasant feathers

Feather identification: common feathers in the UK

by Charlotte Varela, Volunteer Content Writer on 15 April 2019

Collecting nature finds is a lovely way to feel closer to the wildlife on your doorstep. Some of the most abundant of these treasures are feathers, and you can find them almost anywhere. But which bird left them behind?

full flower

Wildflower quiz: name these ten common wildflowers

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 11 April 2019

Can you name these ten common British wildflowers? Test your wildflower knowledge with our quiz.

Hawthorn and blackthorn: what’s the difference?

by Charlie Mellor, Content Manager on 09 April 2019

Hawthorn and blackthorn are two of the most easily confused species, so here’s a closer look at their differences to help you tell them apart.

How to tell male and female ospreys apart

by George Anderson, PR & Communications Officer - Scotland on 28 March 2019

How do you tell male and female ospreys apart? And how can you tell the difference between our resident Loch Arkaig pair, Louis and Aila, and other local birds?

How to grow bluebells: a guide to growing native bluebells in your garden

by Kate Lewthwaite, Citizen Science Manager on 28 March 2019

Each spring magical carpets of bluebells transform our woodland with their beautiful blue haze and sweet scent. Why not try growing them in your garden? Here are six good reasons why, along with our top bluebell growing tips.

Celebrate spring with the latest issue of Broadleaf magazine

by Vincent Crump, Consultant Editor on 15 March 2019

A bright new issue of Broadleaf blooms this week. Read about our scientific goals, discover the dawn chorus, meet a dormouse-sniffing labrador and more.

10 weird and wacky woodland wildlife wonders

by Andy Bond, Senior PR officer on 15 March 2019

From fruity slugs and spiders to a curry and Mr Whippy ice creams – welcome to the little-known wonders of UK woodland!

What hatched here? How to identify bird egg shells

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 13 March 2019

Found a fragment of egg in the garden, woods or park? Here's a quick guide to the most common UK bird eggs too help you find out which species it came from.

SSSI definition: what is it and what does it mean for conservation and development?

by Laura Cottam, Volunteer Content Writer on 01 March 2019

A Site of Special Scientific Interest is a formal conservation designation. Learn how they are determined, why we have them and where to see them in the UK.

Red-tailed bumblebee on tree stump

Where do bees go in winter? And other insects’ winter behaviour

by Judith Garforth, Citizen Science Officer (Nature’s Calendar) on 13 February 2019

Ever wondered where insects go in winter? Find out where different species of bee and other species of insect go when the weather gets cold, and when to spot them emerging.