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Things to see and do

Alternative charity gifts for Christmas

by Charlie Mellor, Content editor on 12 December 2018

Our shop offers a huge variety of gifts with something for everyone for Christmas. Here are our top ideas for alternative charity gifts for the festive season.

8 best wildlife walks in Scotland

by Charlotte Varela, Volunteer Content Writer on 04 December 2018

From red squirrel woodland to big skies dominated by golden eagles, Scotland's Caledonian adventures offer truly iconic wildlife and spectacular scenery. Here are eight of the best wildlife walks in the country.

Winter berries: what are they and where to find them

by Charlie Mellor, Content editor on 29 November 2018

Winter berries are a vital food source for wildlife and can be foraged to make delicious seasonal treats too. Here are our tips on when and where to find them.

Become a wildlife recorder to help protect our wild plants and animals

by Russell Hedley, Marketing & Communications Officer on 27 November 2018

Woodland is one of the best habitats to see our brilliant British wildlife and recording the species we see is vital. Find out why and how you can help.

Winter days out: 7 ideas for your family

by Hannah Vickers, Content Editor on 22 November 2018

Looking for ways to keep the whole family entertained over the cooler months? Check out our seven fantastic ideas for family days out in the woods this winter.

British winter birds: who to spot this season

by Valerie I Hurst, Volunteer on 21 November 2018

Winter may bring cold weather and darkness, but it’s still a great time to see wildlife. Follow our handy ID tips and brighten your winter with a bit of bird spotting!

Starling murmurations: what they are and where to see

by Amy Lewis, Content Manager on 20 November 2018

They're one of the wonders of the natural world, and they're often right on our doorstep. Find a flock of sky-dancing starlings to watch for yourself this autumn.

Photograph of penny bun mushroom Boletus edulis

Foraging in October: which wild mushrooms can you eat?

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 29 October 2018

Explore the world of foraging with these top wild fungi picking and cooking tips. Here are five edible fungi that are easy to identify.

Photograph of autumn leaves

Why do leaves change colour and fall off in autumn?

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 24 October 2018

Autumn is the most spectacular season thanks to our deciduous trees. But why is autumn colour better some years than others? Find out why.

World Migratory Bird Day: do you know when these birds arrive?

by Martha Boalch, Citizen Science Officer on 13 October 2018

In the UK, approximately half of our bird species migrate. Do you know when to expect them?