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Tree planting

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Trees enhance flock health and wellbeing

by Helen Chesshire, Senior Advisor on 16 April 2018

Whether feathered or fleeced, trees and hedges play a vital role in improving animal wellbeing and performance as well as delivering for the environment.

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Testing the water with trees

by Dave Scott, Treescape development lead, Northern Ireland on 11 April 2018

We've planted over 2,500 native trees along the river in Northern Ireland’s beautiful Faughan Valley, where we are working to create a resilient landscape that will benefit both wildlife and people.

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Agroforestry delivers for nature and farming

by Helen Chesshire, Senior Advisor on 10 April 2018

Agroforestry is about making the most of the land area through three dimensional farming. The deliberate integration of trees within agricultural crops and livestock is a win-win for food production and the natural environment.

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Public money for public goods – a new land management mechanism?

by Frances Winder, Conservation Policy Lead on 06 April 2018

The Government’s recent agriculture command paper has signalled a move to using public money to provide public goods. But what does that actually mean?

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Board meeting update

by Beccy Speight, Chief Executive on 05 April 2018

Find out the latest news from the Trust following our recent board meeting.

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Royal visit for Islay's Centenary Woods

by George Anderson, PR & Communications Officer - Scotland on 05 April 2018

The First World War casts a longer shadow on Islay than most communities. This has been reflected in the great enthusiasm for planting Centenary Woods, which are due to be visited by HRH the Princess Royal.

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Agroforestry comes of age

by Helen Chesshire, Senior Advisor on 27 March 2018

Find out how trees can help your farm, from stabilising soil and helping with flood alleviation to providing valuable shade and shelter.

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Heartwood Forest completed with 600,000th tree planting

by Andy Bond, PR & Content Manager - Partnerships on 26 March 2018

Our ambitious project to create England’s largest new native woodland was completed at Heartwood Forest, Hertfordshire this weekend.

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Tree canopy cover results – how did your town do?

by Emma Briggs, Programme lead - urban on 26 March 2018

Have you ever wondered whether your town is leafier than your neighbours’? See the results of the tree canopy cover study and some top tips on how to help green your town.

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What’s been happening with Street Trees?

by Joseph Coles, Project Lead - Street Trees on 20 March 2018

The Street Tree project is a year old. We look at our achievements so far, and some of the high profile cases in the media.

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