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Why Langley Vale Centenary Wood is so important to me

by Julian Fellowes, Contributor on 25 October 2018

Actor, novelist, member of the House of Lords and writer and creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes explains his love of trees and what Langley Vale means to his family.

Step into autumn with Broadleaf's latest issue

by Fiona Collins, Assistant editor of Broadleaf magazine on 19 September 2018

The autumn edition of our vibrant members’ magazine, Broadleaf, is out now, packed with woodland news, features and stunning images.

Janet Suzman: trees and me

by Janet Suzman, Royal Shakespeare Company actress on 10 August 2018

She’s a Royal Shakespeare Company legend, Oscar nominee and daughter of Zululand. We found out what woods and trees mean to Dame Janet Suzman.

Action Oak: the £15 million campaign to save our most iconic trees

by Julian Rollins, Broadleaf freelance writer on 13 July 2018

The great British oak is woven into our islands’ DNA. In the face of disease and environmental threats, the nation is rising to its defence.

Broadleaf's summer issue is out now

by Elisabeth Garton, Editor on 27 June 2018

The summer edition of our vibrant members’ magazine, Broadleaf, is out now, packed with woodland news, features and stunning images.

Woodland nourishment for body and mind

by Nadiya Hussain, Contributor on 31 May 2018

Bake Off queen Nadiya Hussain finds the best pesto and the perfect panic attack remedy among the trees.

Feel the burn

by Elisabeth Garton, Editor on 01 May 2018

In the spring issue of Broadleaf, we spend the day with local woodsman Rob Taylor learning how to make biochar at Hedley Hall Woods near Newcastle.

Everything’s coming up bluebells

by Elisabeth Garton, Editor on 04 April 2018

The spring edition of Broadleaf, our vibrant members’ magazine, is out this week and it’s jam-packed with freshly-hatched news and features for woodland lovers.

Dwayne Fields: for the love of trees

by Dwayne Fields, Guest Blogger on 13 March 2018

Londoner Dwayne Fields was the first black Briton to reach the North Pole. He trains for his next goal – a 700-mile walk to the South Pole – in Epping Forest, his escape route from his troubled teenage years.

Ashes to ashes: the inevitable impact of ash dieback

by Vincent Crump, Consultant editor on 15 February 2018

As deadly dieback grips Britain, the sun is setting on many of our 128 million ash trees. The latest issue of Broadleaf tells how we are fighting back – and how you can help.

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