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A smashing seed: The joy of conkers

by Emma Bonham, Conservation Information Manager on 25 September 2015

Conkers are an autumn favourite. From September the spiky green seed cases split open to reveal shiny brown conkers. The most famous use for them is the game of conkers, although it may surprise you to learn that it wasn't always played with horse chestnuts.

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An autumn arrival: Redwings on the move

by Emma Bonham, Conservation Information Manager on 24 September 2015

From September through to December Redwings are begin their migration flights to overwinter in the UK and mainland Europe.

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What can MSPs do to save Scotland's native woods?

by Charles Dundas, Public Affairs Manager - Scotland on 23 September 2015

Scotland's trees and woods need your help. we're asking you to take action today by writing to your MSP to ask for change. Here's why.

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Al Gore, Paris, and an innocuous but important government response

by James Cooper, Head of Government Affairs on 22 September 2015

The joint Green Alliance-CBI event entitled 'Beyond Paris' always looked to be promising, and it certainly lived up to its billing.

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March with us for woods and trees

by Sally-Ann Smurthwaite, Assistant Campaigner - Policy & Advocacy on 21 September 2015

We are joining heading to the People's March in November to represent woods and trees ahead of the international climate change talks in Paris. Come with us!

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Top trunks battle to be crowned Tree of the Year

by Chris Hickman, Senior PR Officer on 21 September 2015

Find out which trees have made the shortlists in our contest to crown a Tree of the Year in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Wildlife monitoring at Heartwood

by Sarah Shaw, Volunteering Development Coordinator on 15 September 2015

Monitoring at Heartwood started in 2009 soon after the site was acquired by the Woodland Trust and has developed in its scope since then. We look at some of the findings so far.

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Sheffield street tree massacre

by Nick Sandford, Government Affairs Officer on 14 September 2015

Nick Sandford has attended the first two meetings of the Sheffield Street Tree Advisory Forum which has been established by the community to stand against proposals to remove street trees.

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Standing together on farming and water

by Diane Millis, Senior Conservation Advisor - Water & Ecosystems on 14 September 2015

Some significant Government plans will be coming our way soon so it’s a good time for those of us who are concerned with the natural environment to speak up.

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A new view of Hucking Estate

by Sarah Unia, Estate Communications Officer - South on 11 September 2015

We’re proud to bring you our latest fantastic videos of Hucking Estate, featuring a guided tour and breath-taking aerial views.