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Woodland Trust Blog

Alice on the walk

Follow spring challenge

by Kate Lewthwaite, Citizen Science Manager on 12 May 2016

Last year spring ‘moved’ at 1.9 mph from south to north across the UK and I issued a challenge on Radio 4 for someone to walk to follow spring in 2016 and a Woodland Trust member has done just that!

M4: What is it good for? Absolutely nothing

by Oliver Newham, Senior Campaigner - Ancient Woodland on 11 May 2016

Our recent analysis of the black route, the Welsh government’s chosen option, reveals that five areas of ancient woodland are set to be damaged or destroyed.

London’s new Mayor started work this week!

by Richard Barnes, Senior Conservation Advisor on 11 May 2016

After a delay in counting the votes, Sadiq Khan was confirmed as the new Mayor for London early on Saturday morning. Read our first impressions.

The new Mayor of Salford responds to our campaign for trees

by Nick Sandford, Government Affairs Officer on 11 May 2016

Read more as the new mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett, responds to emails from our supporters by pledging his support for trees and woods.

Northern Ireland Assembly elections: Our response

by Patrick Cregg MBE, Director - Northern Ireland on 10 May 2016

The votes have been cast and counted, and we now know who will represent us in the Assembly at Stormont. Find out more.

What hatched here? How to identify eggshells

by Alice Johnson, Contributor on 10 May 2016

Birds have adapted to lay eggs which are a variety of sizes, shapes and colours and you often find broken shells and fragments when you’re out and about. But what species lays which egg?

Tree power in the Senedd

by Rory Francis, Communications Officer - Wales on 09 May 2016

Rory Francis of Coed Cadw (Woodland Trust) looks back on the election campaign, and forward to the new Senedd term.

A Holyrood for the trees? A Scottish election response

by Charles Dundas, Public Affairs Manager - Scotland on 09 May 2016

The ballots have been counted and the results announced, but what can we expect for woods and trees in the new Scottish Parliament?

Celebrating 10 May: World Migratory Bird Day

by Kay Haw, Conservation Advisor on 09 May 2016

Find out more about the distances and dangers migratory birds face each year as we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day.

Photograph of Bishop's Knoll wood near Bristol.

Bristol Mayoral Election: Our response

by Justin Milward, Regional Policy Officer - South West & West Midlands on 08 May 2016

Bristol has a new Mayor! Find out what it means for woods and trees in the area.