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Cenawon bele'r coed yng Nghymru

by Rory Francis, Communications Officer - Wales on 01 June 2016

Mae’r newyddion wedi cael eu cyhoeddi’n swyddogol - gannwyd cenawon bele'r coed yng Nghymru. Adnabyddir y bele fel ail anifail cigysol prinnaf Prydain, ar ôl y gath wyllt, sy’n golygu fod y genedigaethau hyn yn nodi carreg filltir bwysig yng ngwaith cadwraeth y mamal brodorol hwn

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Life cycle of a butterfly

by Alice Johnson, Contributor on 31 May 2016

As spring continues butterflies of many species will soon be on the wing, having undergone a magnificent transformation. Find out the four stages in the life cycle of butterflies.

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Stripes and stars: A Kielder odyssey

by Christine Reid, Head of Conservation on 27 May 2016

The Woodland Trust Conservation Team’s recent trip to Northumberland opened our eyes to the opportunities and challenges of the large scale commercial forestry sector from seedling to sawmill. Find out more about our trip.

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Watch our update from 2016's May board meeting

by Beccy Speight, Chief Executive on 27 May 2016

This the second of my video updates following our board meetings with May's in particular being very busy with fond farewells, warm welcomes and lots of important agreements being made.

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Inside a seed: What are seeds made of?

by Kay Haw, Conservation Advisor on 26 May 2016

Find out how a great, complex tree springs from such a small, seemingly simple seed mass.

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We’re off to Hay… Come and see what’s hiding in our ancient oak tree!

by Nicola Craven, Marketing & Communications Manager on 25 May 2016

We’re packing up our giant tree, hitting the road and heading for Hay-on-Wye again for this year’s Hay Festival.

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Unearthing the senses in our experience of woodlands

by Karis Jade Petty, Guest Blogger on 25 May 2016

Anthropologist Karis Jade Petty shares her research investigating how the woodlands are perceived by people who have impaired vision, and invites us to explore the nature of our own multi-sensory experience of woodlands.

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Hello to our volunteers

by Kerry Clarke, Head of Volunteering & Engagement on 24 May 2016

As the new Head of Volunteering and Engagement, I thought it would be nice to introduce myself in some small way to all of our volunteers.

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Your views: The results of our volunteer survey

by Sarah Shaw, Volunteering Development Coordinator on 23 May 2016

We'd like to say a massive thank you to all our volunteers who completed our survey in February and share the results.

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Bristol festival of nature

by Jane Craven, Engagement Officer - South West on 20 May 2016

We’re going to the Bristol Festival of Nature and we’d love to see you there!