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Woodland Trust Blog

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800 new trees - in an urban area

by Andy Bond, PR & Content Manager - Partnerships on 10 June 2016

From printing to planting, Premier Paper has planted hundreds of trees in an urban part of Scotland.

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Otter, Heron and Goosander video recorded at Fingle Woods

by Bethany Brown, Content Officer on 09 June 2016

Read about Otters at Fingle woods and watch the night time video of a Otter clambering onto a rock in the river, sprinting to mark its territory, and then smoothly slipping back into the river.

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Herefordshire Council: Judge, jury and executioner

by Jack Taylor, Campaigner on 08 June 2016

On 6 June, Herefordshire Council played the part of judge, jury and executioner to a T when they approved their application for the Herefordshire Southern Link Road. Find out more and our reaction.

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Great crested newt identification and protection at Smithills Estate

by Russell Hedley, Marketing & Communications Officer on 07 June 2016

It’s not just ponds that are good for amphibians, woods are also essential to their survival.

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Airig Fedo 'Nobles of the Woods'

by Karen McKnight, Guest Blogger on 06 June 2016

Karen McKnight, a graduate from Ulster University discusses her concerns that as a nation we don’t notice trees and dismiss them out of hand, as just trees and her photography project to challenge that view.

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Identifying trees quiz

by Bethany Brown, Content Officer on 06 June 2016

We recognize Twitter by the bird logo and Nike by the tick logo but more than four-fifths of us can't identify an ash tree from its leaves and almost half cannot recognise an oak. Take our tree identification quiz to see how you compare.

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Invasive plants in woodlands and hedgerows

by Alice Johnson, Contributor on 06 June 2016

Invasive non-native plants can cause a lot of problems in woodlands so here are five to look out for.

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Explaining wildlife crime: World Environment Day

by Kay Haw, Conservation Advisor on 03 June 2016

Our sadly dwindling numbers of wildlife often have a tough time surviving in decreasing amounts of increasingly unhealthy habitat. So they need all the help they can get from us, including keeping our eyes open for and reporting crimes against them.

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A County Londonderry river has a new natural ally

by Diane Millis, Senior Conservation Advisor - Water & Ecosystems on 02 June 2016

Find out how riparian trees are helping NI Water tackle water quality issues.

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Pine marten kits born in the wild in Wales

by Rory Francis, Communications Officer - Wales on 01 June 2016

Pine marten kits have been born in Wales. At least three of the ten female pine martens brought to Wales from Scotland last autumn have given birth.