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Woodland Trust Blog

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Growing the future (once more)

by James Cooper, Head of Government Affairs on 19 July 2016

Parliamentarians have been telling us that they have never witnessed anything like the events since the EU referendum. In response, we've sought to revise our 'six principles for trees and woods, securing the benefits they deliver for wildlife and people'.

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The living laboratory: Restoring Fingle Woods

by The Woodland Trust, The UK's leading woodland conservation charity on 19 July 2016

Our transformation of forgotten Fingle Woods is making great strides – and the next stage will see it become a hotbed for science.

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Top trifle recipe for picnics this summer

by Bethany Brown, Content Officer on 18 July 2016

Follow our recipe and make a superbly British desert, the trifle, for your outdoor picnic this summer.

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How horses are helping us restore Fingle Woods

by Bethany Brown, Content Officer on 18 July 2016

Learn how Horse Loggers help restore the ancient woodland at Fingle Woods, Dartmoor.

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Butterfly identification: 5 common butterflies

by Big Butterfly Count, Guest Blogger on 15 July 2016

Learn how to identify five of the most common butterflies in the UK and join this year's Big Butterfly Count to help combat the figures which show a decline in butterfly numbers by a quarter since the 1970s

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Returning to Smithy Wood

by Oliver Newham, Senior Campaigner - Ancient Woodland on 15 July 2016

In the campaigning bible, one of the best ways to tell that a cause is resonating with the wider world is when people start telling you about something you have been working on for some time. Smithy Wood is an example of this.

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Sheffield’s Special Trees: Chelsea Road Elm Tree

by Oliver Newham, Senior Campaigner - Ancient Woodland on 14 July 2016

Despite city wide protests, thousands of mature street trees in Sheffield are facing the axe. Find out more.

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Is Britain in for a sloe gin drought this Christmas?

by George Anderson, PR & Communications Officer - Scotland on 14 July 2016

A cold damp spring may have exposed Britain’s blackthorn trees to fungal infection – and that could mean sloe berries are in short supply this autumn.

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Woodland Trust Scotland at Armed Forces Day

by Jill Donnachie, Communications & Development Manager - Scotland on 13 July 2016

Woodland Trust Scotland staff handed out free native trees at Armed Forces Day celebrations in Edinburgh, to publicise our First World War Centenary Wood at Dreghorn.

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What do we know about the Arkaig Eagles?

by James Wakefield, Social Media Officer on 13 July 2016

The Loch Arkaig eagle chicks may be direct descendants of Blondie – the first reintroduced sea eagle to raise a chick in the wild back in 1985. Find out more and help us name them.