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Woodland Trust Blog

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High Speed Rail Bill heading to the House of Commons

by Victoria Bankes Price, Planning Advisor on 08 February 2018

The Bill for HS2 Phase 2a is heading to the House of Commons. We will be petitioning on behalf of ancient woods and trees.

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Hedgehog numbers halved since millennium

by Kay Haw, Conservation Advisor on 07 February 2018

Hedgehogs are a woodland edge species that also make use of hedgerows and suburban gardens. A new report says Britain has lost half its hedgehogs in less than two decades.

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Centenary Wood immortalised in writing by Northern Ireland poet

by Kaye Coates, Communications Officer - Northern Ireland on 07 February 2018

A new poetry collection, by local writer and poet Sam Burnside, pays tribute to our special Centenary Wood in the beautiful Faughan Valley.

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Outdoor learning at forest school

by Frances Harris, Contributor on 06 February 2018

Forest school is lots of fun, and besides the educational value, contributes to children’s personal, social and emotional development.

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The UK's extinct animals: can we bring them back?

by James Martin, Content editor on 05 February 2018

Lynx went extinct in the UK over 1,000 years ago, but plans for a trial reintroduction of the species are currently under government consultation. Find out if any other species could return from extinction and learn about those that already have.

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Bringing ancient woodland back to life

by Nick Burton, Woodland owner on 05 February 2018

Find out how a restoration plan is helping return this plantation on an ancient woodland site to thriving semi-natural ancient woodland.

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Show the love by recording the signs of spring

by Sally-Ann Smurthwaite, Assistant Campaigner - Policy & Advocacy on 03 February 2018

This February, hearts are turning green. In partnership with The Climate Coalition, we’re asking everyone to show the love by noticing the change happening around them. Help us record the signs of spring!

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When to prune apple and other fruit trees

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 02 February 2018

When is the right time to prune fruit trees? From apples and pears to peaches and plums - here are some general tips.

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Grass snake or adder? How to tell the difference between UK reptiles

by Karen Hornigold, Assistant Conservation Adviser - Data & Information on 01 February 2018

Discover more about our common native reptiles and where you can find them with this snakes and lizards guide (Photo: WTML)

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Heading out and about with MPs

by Owen Pugh, Government Affairs Officer on 31 January 2018

A snapshot of recent activity engaging MPs in the importance of ancient woodland and our work with farmers.