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Woodland Trust Blog

Tree planting for flood prevention

by Karen Hornigold, Assistant Conservation Adviser - Data & Information on 16 December 2016

Find out how one innovative farmer has invested in trees to combat flooding and bring a multitude of other benefits.

Good news for the gnarled and wrinkly?

by Rory Francis, Communications Officer - Wales on 16 December 2016

Changes for the better may be on the way for Wales' ancient trees.

Newyddion da i'r hen a’r cnotiog?

by Rory Francis, Communications Officer - Wales on 16 December 2016

Fe all fod yna newidiadau er gwell ar y ffordd i goed hynafol Cymru.

Advent calendar

REFIT: a major win for nature

by Kaye Brennan, Senior Campaigner on 15 December 2016

Victory for nature as the European Commission agrees with conservation groups to retain and improve the Habitats and Birds Directives.

How to grow a tree from seed: which seeds will work?

by Louise Taylor, Citizen Science Project Officer on 15 December 2016

Growing a tree from a seed is a fantastic way to connect with nature, but not all seeds will work. We take a look at the challenges you could face and which seeds are the best to plant.

Trees in the political spotlight

by James Cooper, Head of Government Affairs on 15 December 2016

There is a heightened focus on trees in Parliament - and plenty to play for. Find out more.

Campaigns update: unlikely threats, Sheffield street trees and our volunteers

by Sally-Ann Smurthwaite, Assistant Campaigner - Policy & Advocacy on 14 December 2016

Read about some of the latest cases that the Woods Under Threat team have been facing and learn more about our wonderful campaigns volunteers as well as how you can get involved.

David Rose edible woodland planting

Fruits - and nuts - of the forest

by Dee Smith, Senior PR Officer on 13 December 2016

We're working with farmer David Rose to create an edible woodland, and it's setting tastebuds tingling!

19½ things to do outdoors this winter

by Jessica Benson, Social Media Officer on 12 December 2016

Need some motivation to get outside in the chillier weather? We have some great ideas for wrapping up, tugging your boots on and enjoying the outdoors come snow, rain or wintry winds.

Endangered animals in the UK and how you can help them

by Nick Atkinson, Senior Advisor on 12 December 2016

Extinctions of the past can and should be undone – big fierce animals might be off limits but there’s plenty more to go at.