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Investing in our volunteers

by Sarah Shaw, Volunteering Development Coordinator on 09 October 2017

We now have over 2,600 amazing volunteers! Find out what we're doing to make sure our volunteering opportunities and support are among the best in the UK.

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World Mental Health Day: Exercise, nature and the outdoors

by Karen Hornigold, Assistant Conservation Adviser - Data & Information on 07 October 2017

As World Mental Health Day approaches, learn how to improve mental health by making the most of nature.

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Taking trees to the top

by James Cooper, Head of Government Affairs on 06 October 2017

Autumn isn’t just about beautiful colours and falling leaves – it’s also political party conference season, and we’ve been in Brighton and Manchester to convince politicians to do the right thing by trees.

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Spread the word about the Tree Charter launch!

by Sarah Rouse, Charter project officer on 05 October 2017

Find out how you can help us spread the word of the Tree Charter launch on 6 November and get involved in a national movement.

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Video update: What we achieved in 2017

by Beccy Speight, Chief Executive on 05 October 2017

Life at the Woodland Trust got busier than ever in 2017! Watch our video for the latest updates.

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Llywodraeth Cymru yn anwybyddu rheolau sydd i fod i ddiogelu coed hynafol

by Sam Packer, Campaigns Officer - Wales on 05 October 2017

Mae’r amgylchedd o dan fygythiad, wrth i Lywodraeth Cymru fethu gweithredu i ddilyn ei rheolau ei hun i ddiogelu a gwella’r amgylchedd ar gyfer y cenedlaethau a ddêl.

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Welsh Government bulldozes regulations to protect ancient trees

by Sam Packer, Campaigns Officer - Wales on 05 October 2017

Welsh Government is failing to act on its own legislation to protect and enhance the environment for future generations.

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Campaigns update: a mulberry tree, a King oak and the A27

by Sally-Ann Smurthwaite, Assistant Campaigner - Policy & Advocacy on 03 October 2017

Read about the campaigns team’s challenges and successes this month, from a special mulberry tree to woods threatened by a bypass.

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Sherwood Forest partnership to develop new roots

by Beccy Speight, Chief Executive on 03 October 2017

Today marks a new era for Sherwood Forest and the Woodland Trust will be involved in safeguarding its future.

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What makes a copper beech tree purple?

by Emilie Bonnevay, Public Enquiries Officer on 02 October 2017

Common beech trees have the ability to turn purple, but why and when does this happen?

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