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UK National Tree Seed Project: highlights of 2016

by Louise Taylor, Citizen Science Project Officer on 08 December 2016

From all walks of life and across the whole of the UK, volunteers have been making a huge difference to the future of our native trees. Here's just a small snapshot of what they have been doing this year.

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Where does mistletoe grow? And how to find it in the wild

by Helen Jones, Engagement Officer - Observatree on 08 December 2016

There are many species of mistletoe found around the globe but did you know which we most commonly associate with midwinter and Christmas tradition? And would you know where to find it in the wild? Find out more.

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Top 15 birds to look out for this winter

by Doug Shapley, Conservation Advisor on 07 December 2016

Winter can be a great time of year to spot a diverse array of bird species in your garden. Which of our top 15 have you seen?

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Green Christmas tree

by Emilie Bonnevay, Public Enquiries Officer on 06 December 2016

How green is your Christmas tree? We look at whether real Christmas trees are better for the environment and whether artificial trees are eco-friendly.

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Planting trees can help farmers: find out how

by John Tucker, Director of Woodland Creation on 05 December 2016

The UK loses 2.9m tonnes of topsoil every year, this is the farmer’s most precious resource. Find out how trees can help with water management, soil erosion and water protection.

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Top 10 woodland walks this winter

by Sharon Wennekers, Social Media Manager on 02 December 2016

Find out which of our top 10 winter walks are perfect for enjoying nature’s sights and sounds while burning off some of those festive mince pie calories!

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What is snow? And other winter facts

by Alice Johnson, Contributor on 02 December 2016

Find out a few facts about winter, like what is snow? And what type of snow makes the best snowballs and snowmen?

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Top evergreen shrubs for your garden

by Alice Johnson, Contributor on 01 December 2016

See our top native evergreen shrubs to plant in your garden. They'll give wildlife shelter and food and you'll get year-round interest.

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Stars urge people to turn their cards into trees

by Andy Bond, PR & Content Manager - Partnerships on 30 November 2016

Five celebrities are backing our annual call to the public to recycle their Christmas cards - and help plant trees. Find out more.

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HS2: last chance for any changes to the Bill

by Richard Barnes, Senior Conservation Advisor on 29 November 2016

On 23 November, we gave evidence to the Lords on the impact of HS2 Phase 1 on ancient woodland. Find out how it went down.