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Woodland Trust Blog

Forest animals: 9 animals adapted to forest life

by Charlotte Varela, Volunteer Content Writer on 16 March 2017

Life in the trees and down on the forest floor can be tough but nine very special forest animals are surviving and thriving thanks to their amazing adaptations. Have you spotted any?

Woodland Photography Tips: How to take a great woodland photo

by Phil Formby, Film Producer & Photographer on 16 March 2017

Learn how to take great woodland images with these top tips from our resident photographer, Phil Formby.

Celebrating a 70 year tree record

by Judith Garforth, Citizen Science Officer (Nature’s Calendar) on 14 March 2017

This month, friends and family joined Jean Combes OBE to plant a tree to celebrate her 90th birthday and an astonishing 70-year oak budburst record. Find out more.

Introduction to PhDs with the Woodland Trust

by Christine Tansey, Research & Evidence Co-ordinator on 14 March 2017

We're involved in multiple research projects as part of our research programme which helps us better understand the field in which we work. Learn how it works, what have we discovered so far and how you can get involved.

Discover the legendary woods and trees of Wales

by Heini Evans, PR & Communications Officer - Wales on 13 March 2017

Wales is full of myths, tales and magic; they connect us with our past but also advise us on our future.

What do buzzards eat? And more buzzard facts

by Doug Shapley, Conservation Advisor on 13 March 2017

Common buzzards, as their name suggests, are an easy to spot bird of prey. But what do they eat and where do they live?

The future of Smithills: what other experts think of our project

by Russell Hedley, Marketing & Communications Officer on 12 March 2017

As part of our HLF bid, we invited other key conservationist to demonstrate what the Smithills project is all about.

How long do butterflies live: and other butterfly facts

by Kylie Harrison Mellor, Citizen Science Officer on 10 March 2017

As learning about butterflies day approaches take the chance to swot up about these winged wonders.

Why are moths attracted to light?

by Laura Cottam, Volunteer Content Writer on 10 March 2017

Like a moth to a flame is a well known phrase. But why are moths so attracted to light? This blog explores a couple of theories.

Wildflowers for bees: how to attract bees to your garden

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 09 March 2017

Wild bees and other pollinators are in decline. But there are things you can do in your garden to help reverse this trend including increasing food and habitat. Includes our top nine bee-friendly wildflowers to plant in your garden.