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Woodland Trust Blog

Summer tree identification: can you name these nine trees?

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 25 July 2018

Summer is the best time to identify trees. You have a host of clues to help you, from a full crown of leaves to ripening fruits. So why not test your knowledge with our quiz?

British dragonflies: all about larvae, wings and lifecycle

by Joe Bates, Content Editor on 25 July 2018

Charismatic and brightly coloured dragonflies capture our imaginations every summer. Learn more about this iconic insect and which ones you can spot near woodland.

Why the funds you raise matter

by Harvina Bains, Digital innovation assistant on 24 July 2018

Without the valuable help of our supporters, members and fundraisers, we wouldn't be able to make the difference we do to woods and trees. Find out how we spend the funds you raise and why they matter.

Ancient woodland, ancient and veteran trees now have wholly exceptional protection

by Victoria Bankes Price, Planning Advisor on 24 July 2018

The revised National Planning Policy Framework was published today and with it the fate of ancient woodland, ancient and veteran trees in England has changed for the better!

Agroforestry Wales – making land work for people and nature

by Nigel Pugh, Campaigns officer Wales on 23 July 2018

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way we manage our Welsh landscape to the benefit of all in Wales, and all future generations.

Osprey chick brings good news to Loch Arkaig

by George Anderson, PR & Communications Officer - Scotland on 20 July 2018

Our camera nest at Loch Arkaig may have failed this year, but a healthy chick has been raised successfully. Life goes on for our pair Louis and Aila and we think we have solved the mystery of how a pine marten managed to reach their clutch.

Putting a value on urban trees

by Cat Scott and Hannah Walker, Research scientists on 20 July 2018

A new project in Leeds brings scientists and volunteers together to protect the city's trees by valuing the benefits they provide.

Tree Party fundraising ideas

by Harvina Bains, Digital innovation assistant on 19 July 2018

Throwing a Tree Party is a great way to raise money for woods and trees. Need fundraising inspiration? We've got loads of ideas and fun activities to help you collect some dosh.

News from our June board meeting

by Beccy Speight, Chief Executive on 19 July 2018

Find out what was discussed at our June board meeting, and hear the latest on the Winter Hill fire impact on Smithills Estate.

Why are bees important? And how you can help them

by Hannah Vickers, Content Editor on 17 July 2018

With its black and gold stripes, translucent wings and signature furry body, the bee is a common sight in woods and gardens around the world. But do you know how important this creature is to our planet, and the threats it is facing?