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Woodland Trust Blog

Our second appearance at the HS2 Select Committee

by Luci Ryan, Ecological Impact Assessor on 12 July 2018

The next phase of HS2 is set to destroy acres of ancient woods. After we raised several points at the latest meeting, progress has been made in some areas.

Do you know Wales' next Tree of the Year?

by Rory Francis, Communications Officer - Wales on 11 July 2018

With public nominations to find the UK’s favourite trees now open, we take a look at some of Wales' previous finalists.

Update on the Sheffield tree felling scheme

by Joseph Coles, Project Lead - Street Trees on 11 July 2018

There’s lots of talk about negotiation and reaching out to communities, but what’s really going on? And what should happen next?

Campaigns update: railways, housing plans and a win for ancient trees

by Nicole Hillier, Assistant campaigner - ancient woodland on 10 July 2018

The campaigns team has had a railway themed month! Find out about our progress with HS2 and Network Rail, plus a win for ancient trees.

Wild marjoram: what is it, where to find it and how to plant it

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 10 July 2018

It's a herb we sprinkle liberally on pizza and pasta. And so we'd be forgiven for thinking oregano, also known as wild marjoram, only grows around the Mediterranean. But did you know it's actually native to the UK?

Philip Pullman reveals new writing for our woodland creature competition

by Hollie Anderson, PR Officer & Celebrity Liaison on 06 July 2018

Children have been creating their own woodland-inspired dæmons for a Nature Detective’s competition judged by internationally acclaimed author, Philip Pullman.

On the hunt for ancient trees

by Victoria Granger, Contributor on 05 July 2018

A joint PhD project between the Woodland Trust and the University of Nottingham aims to predict new locations of ancient trees by analysing records from our Ancient Tree Inventory.

Winter Hill fire will have devastating effects on Smithills’ nature

by Andy Bond, PR & Content Manager - Partnerships on 04 July 2018

It’s a tough week at the Trust as we wait to see how the Winter Hill fire near Bolton has affected Smithills Estate, our largest site in England.

Elephant hawk-moth: caterpillar, lifecycle and is it poisonous?

by Amy Lewis, Content Manager on 03 July 2018

If you’ve been lucky enough to encounter a big, brightly coloured elephant hawk-moth, you’ll know you’ve seen something special. But what do elephant hawk-moth caterpillars look like, where does their name come from, and why are the adults pink?

Photo of underground sign

Save the date for London's first ever National Park City Week

by Emma Briggs, Programme lead - urban on 03 July 2018

Don’t miss London National Park City Week this July. It’s a chance to celebrate London’s fantastic 8 million trees and pledge to make London even greener!