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Heritage Lottery Fund success for Smithills

by Russell Hedley, Marketing & Communications Officer on 08 November 2017

The Smithills Estate has been successful in our £1.9 million HLF bid. This will kick start a 20 year project on the estate that will aid the local economy, nature and visitor experience.

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How and when to plant fruit trees

by Eleanor Clark, Conservation Volunteer on 08 November 2017

Learn how to choose the best fruit tree for you and your garden, when and where to plant them and the benefits they bring for wildlife.

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Health and wellbeing: how do woods help?

by Christine Tansey, Research & Evidence Co-ordinator on 06 November 2017

Nature offers a fantastic and easily accessible resource which promotes our physical and mental health. Find out how Heli Gittens' research is making the connection between woodland and wellbeing.

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Tree Charter: connecting trees and people through art

by Matt Larsen-Daw, Project Lead - Charter for Trees, Woods and People on 03 November 2017

Over Summer and Autumn 2017, the Tree Charter Arts Programme has been running. There have been eight artist-in-residence positions around the UK, and an arts and heritage trail for families to enjoy. The aim of these residencies is to connect people and trees, and teach everyone about the Tree Charter. Find out how they’ve been getting on.

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When do hedgehogs hibernate? And other animals that hibernate

by Charlie Mellor, Content editor on 03 November 2017

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and the first frosts are already occurring, so it really feels like winter is on its way. What does this mean for our hedgehogs and other woodland wildlife?

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Owning and restoring my own woodland

by David Ward, Owner of an ancient woodland in Yorkshire on 02 November 2017

Three years ago David Ward invested in a four acre woodlot in Yorkshire and became dedicated to learning about woodland management. With help from the Trust, he is on his way to making a project of remarkable woodland restoration. (Photo: WTML/ Phil Formby).

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Facing the facts: A27 threat to ancient woodland

by Oliver Newham, Senior Campaigner - Ancient Woodland on 02 November 2017

The campaign to protect ancient woods in South Downs National Park from A27 proposals has been a contentious one. We look at the facts and reflect on this high profile campaign.

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What is a 'mast year' and why is it making autumn bigger than ever?

by Charlotte Armitage, Citizen Science Officer on 31 October 2017

The last reported mast year in the UK was in 2013. Find out what a mast year is and what this means for woodland trees and wildlife. (Photo: WTML/ Ben Lee)

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What are coffins made of?

by Nick Atkinson, Senior Advisor on 31 October 2017

It’s Hallowe’en so it’s time to take a gloomy look at that most final of harvested wood products, the coffin.

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Winners spot wildlife Big Five

by George Anderson, PR & Communications Officer - Scotland on 31 October 2017

Competition winners visiting Loch Arkaig were lucky enough to spot the 'Big Five' of Scottish wildlife – red deer, red squirrel, golden eagle, otter and seal (Photo: WTML)

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