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Woodland Trust Blog

The Oldest Tree in the UK: How Long Do Trees Live?

by James Martin, Content Editor on 28 June 2018

Learn the identity of the UK's oldest tree and discover why ancient trees are such an important part of our landscape.

Witches' brooms: what they look like and why they form

by Emilie Bonnevay, Public Enquiries Officer on 19 June 2018

Witches' brooms look like a dense tangled bird nest. But what are they and what causes them?

Pine martens: where they live, what they eat and other facts

by Charlie Mellor, Content Manager on 14 June 2018

They may look cute and cuddly, but with fierce teeth and claws and an appetite for small mammals, the elusive pine marten is anything but! Learn more about this iconic woodland species and how we're helping to secure its future.

Photograph of ground elder

Foraging in June: edible flowers, plants and herbs

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 12 June 2018

From fresh flowers and tender leaves to crisp seeds, here are some edible plants to forage in June. These are my top tips on where to find them, and how to turn them into something delicious.

7 extinct plants in the UK and rarest plants to save

by Laura Cottam, Volunteer Content Writer on 25 May 2018

The UK has some wonderfully diverse countryside, but some of our plant species are disappearing forever.

Biodiversity: what does it mean and why should we care?

by James Martin, Content Editor on 22 May 2018

Find out why biodiversity is so important and how you can help protect it. (Photo: David Whitaker)

Why does sap rise in spring?

by Emilie Bonnevay, Public Enquiries Officer on 19 May 2018

Pruning deciduous trees should be avoided during spring because the sap is rising - but what does this actually mean?

What is air pollution and what can I do to help?

by Mike Townsend, Principal Advisor on 18 May 2018

In the UK around 40,000 deaths a year are linked to air pollution. Trees in urban areas can improve air quality. You can help by getting involved in tree planting, and defending the trees we already have.

Cutting down trees without permission: law and legislation

by Eleanor Clark, Conservation Volunteer on 16 May 2018

Learn about the different ways trees can be protected and what to do if any of your local trees are under threat.

Which birds migrate? Who you can spot this summer

by Charlotte Varela, Volunteer Content Writer on 12 May 2018

Swallows, swifts and martins aren’t our only summer migrants – keep your eyes peeled for these species and record your sightings through Nature’s Calendar.