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How to make a holly wreath

Wreaths are a true symbol of Christmas time, they date back to Ancient Rome when hanging a wreath on your door was a symbol of victory and in Christianity the circular shape represents eternity or life never ending.

You can make your own holly wreath in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Yours can be as big as you want and you can use any plants or items you find. 

Traditional wreath: Sometimes sticking to tradition is best; using holly, mistletoe and conifers in your wreath creates a beautiful and effortless look. Using the holly berries gives a classic red and green Christmassy design!

Why not try experimenting with colour and different materials (Photo: WTML)
Why not try experimenting with colour and different materials (Photo: WTML)

What to collect for your wreath
The first thing you will need are twigs, these will make the base of your wreath. Ensure these are bendy so using tree species like willow or osier will help. You could buy naturally made bases if you’d rather skip this step.

For a more colourful design you could add in some ribbons or even use biodegradable glitter to give a festive sparkle to your wreath! 

You will also need:

- Twine
- Scissors or pruning shears
- Moss
- Natural materials such as holly with berries, mistletoe, pinecones, cinnamon, laurel, and anything else you want to add to your wreath

How to make a holly wreath

1) To make the base, bend twigs into a circle and tie them together with the twine. Repeat the process with several twigs to create a thick circular base of twigs.

2) Tie bunches of leafy material together at the base. This could be the laurel and mistletoe (perfect for the little ones to do) and holly (great for the adults to do).

3) Tie these bunches into the twig base covering the base.

4) Once the base is covered in the leafy material you can use some extra twine to tie the sections together and then cut back any unruly sections

5) Now tie in any extra bits that you would like such as pine cones, cinnamon and orange slices. You can keep it simple or cover the wreath completely!

6) Finally tie a loop of string at the top of the wreath ready to hang it from your front door.

Looking for loose sticks? Find your nearest woodland

Visit your local woods

The smell of pine and evergreens is delightful! However, if you want to really vamp up the delightful smell of a homemade wreath you can tie in sprigs of rosemary, slices of dried orange and cinnamon sticks to the wreath.

If you use 100% natural materials to build your wreath you can put it on your compost heap once the festive season is over! Enjoy making your wreaths and make sure to send us pictures if you do!