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The Northern Forest - our vision

The Woodland Trust is working with The Mersey Forest, City of Trees, White Rose Forest, HEYwoods and the Community Forest Trust to create a new Northern Forest.

The Northern Forest is an ambitious, long-term plan to plant 50 million trees in and around the cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Hull: areas planning to grow their industry, transport and housing.

Why do we need a new forest?

The North of England is home to 13 million people but has woodland cover of only 7.6%, much lower than the England average. Yet 650,000 new homes are planned, with £75 billion of infrastructure already in the pipeline. This is a challenge and an opportunity to reach a balance between development and the environment.

With trees planted in the right place, the Northern Forest will:
• reduce the risk of flooding for up to 190,000 people
• create thousands of new jobs
• help tackle climate change by storing thousands of tonnes of carbon
• cool and clean the air in towns and cities, helping to reduce the pollutants that cause childhood asthma and respiratory disease
• improve water quality
• make communities and individuals happier and healthier
• deliver economic benefits through the production of wood fuel and timber and wider economic benefits
• provide opportunities for recreation, tourism and leisure
• create attractive places in which to live, work and invest.

The Northern Forest is an idea that perfectly fits this moment in time and builds on a generation of work by the community forests. Inspired by the work of our community forests across England and the 2017 Charter for Trees, Woods and People, the vision is to create a new Northern Forest as a legacy for future generations. We want to see habitats thrive, planting rates soar, trees and woodland valued and appreciated by all, and our ancient woodlands better protected.

The Northern Forest manifesto (PDF 4.25MB) document gives background and detail of this incredible project.

The time to create a Northern Forest is now

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we need your support.

Whether you are a potential financial supporter or would like to come on board in some other way, get in touch by sending an email to:

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