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Ancient woodland

ancient woodland
Many species living in ancient woods are
rare and threatened. (Photo: Tom Reed)

Ancient woodland supports many hundreds of species and varies as a habitat across the UK. From Caledonian pine woods in Scotland to beech woods in the south east of England, each one is unique and irreplaceable. They are wildlife and heritage strongholds where you can often find important features from our past.

Today, ancient woodland is under increasing threat and covers only two per cent of the UK. Almost half of what remains is in need of restoration as a result of the damaging effects of non-native conifers and invasive species. We must take action to restore this precious woodland for the future.

We are at the forefront of restoring ancient woodland. We champion best practice, innovative techniques and a new approach. Today we work hard to safeguard the future of these valuable woods on our own sites and through the advice and support we offer to landowners across the UK.