Tramlines Wood

  • A Woodland Trust wood
  • Okehampton
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Features & activities

  • Broadleaved woodland
  • Parking less than 500m away
  • Information on site
  • Special wildlife interest
  • Well worth a visit
  • Grassland
  • Autumn colour
Tramlines is a long, linear shaped ancient woodland very close to the town of Okehampton. The site lies on a steep slope and is dissected by many streams and wet flushes which feed into the East Okement River which flows along the northern boundary of the site. To the Western end the river and woodland are abutted by an open field which was planted with trees as part of the Trust’s 'Woods On Your Doorstep'(WOYD). Millennium project The wood is likely to have had its origins in the 12th Century Okehampton Deer Park and the ancient woodland component is a good example of Western, Upland Oak woodland. It has been identified as being important for lichens and pied flycatchers. It is of local importance as ancient woodland and its identification as a Local Wildlife Site (LWS) reflects . In recent decades the woodland has received little management input and is composed primarily of a high forest structure with a shrub layer composed of frequent Hazel and Holly regeneration. Cattle historically had access to the wood as part of a much bigger grazing unit which may have helped to control species like holly. There are a number of significant older trees that could be deemed to be of veteran interest. Additionally the riverside strip is very varied in structure and this, along with the boggy wet flushes, dramatically increases the biodiversity of the site. The 'WOYD' field is limited in conservation value, but provides an area of open ground in an otherwise mature woodland complex. Minor planting of willow shrubs took place in December 2000 to enhance the 'woodland' experience but the majority of the area is predominately open, species poor grassland with encroaching bracken. The 'WOYD' Millennium Feature is a wooden bridge spanning the Okement River as this allows local public access to the site by connecting to a new path which leads from Simmons Park.
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