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Uig Wood

  • A Woodland Trust wood
  • Uig, Portree
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Features & activities

  • Broadleaved woodland
  • Parking less than 500m away
  • Information on site
  • Way marked trail
  • Good views
  • Special wildlife interest
  • Well worth a visit
Uig Wood lies within the village of Uig on the Trotternish Peninsula of Skye.  It is made up of three distinct parts – a fringe of mature woodland along the shore of the sheltered Uig Bay, and two steep-sided ravine woodlands, which follow the courses of the Rha and Conon Rivers respectively.  Together these make up one of the most extensive broadleaved woodlands in the North of Skye.  In a largely treeless landscape, Uig Woods are of great importance, both for their aesthetic value, and for the flora and fauna that they support.
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