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History of Killaloo Wood

Killaloo is one of the 50 sites in Northern Ireland chosen as Woods on Your Doorstep to celebrate the new millennium. Its purchase in 2001 was partly funded by the Environment and Heritage Service (part of the Department of the Environment). The Millennium Commission has provided 50% of the funding for the development and maintenance of these sites over the first five years.

Following consultation with the local community and Homebase employees, 4.5ha (11 acres) of the site were planted with a mixture of native broad-leaved trees dominated by oak. This is particularly appropriate in the Derry/Londonderry area as its name is derived from the Celtic ‘dair’ (oak), or ‘dorie’ (oak grove). The site received a Forest Service Woodland Grant Scheme New Planting Grant, including a Community Woodland Supplement Grant for the creation of public access facilities, in 2002 and in 2007. A Woodland Improvement Grant supported work required within the existing woodland. Some areas have been left to regenerate naturally.