The Big Bluebell Watch

You did it! With your help, we collected 48,200 bluebell records across the UK. Recording is now closed for 2017, but join us again next year when the Big Bluebell Watch returns.

What did we find?

  • Native bluebells are going strong. 80% of the bluebells recorded were native. South Yorkshire, Kent and Hampshire recorded the most.
  • Spanish bluebell hotspots were as expected. Spanish bluebells were mainly recorded in developed areas, and only 2% of them were recorded in woodlands.
  • It’s not always all about woods. 87% of the native bluebells recorded were outside of woodland areas. Road sides, hedgerows and other habitats are clearly important strongholds for bluebells.

What happens next?

Your records will help give scientists and practitioners the clearest picture ever of where bluebells occur in the UK, potentially allow us to monitor the status of the UK’s bluebells over time, and help us make informed decisions on the best management practices for woods in our care.

You can do your bit too

Prevent the spread of Spanish bluebells. Never introduce, translocate or fly-tip plants from your garden to the wild.

Never pull up bluebells in the wild, even if you suspect they are Spanish. Native bluebells are protected by law. It can be difficult to be confident that you’ve found a non-native, particularly when identifying hybrid bluebells. Please leave any practical action to experts.

Avoid trampling. Enjoy bluebells and woods responsibly. Take care to stay on footpaths, keep dogs under control and clear up after them, and take litter home.

Be part of something bigger. Support us and help the Woodland Trust create, protect and restore habitat for bluebells.

Bluebell sightings in 2017

Thanks to all your recordings and enthusiasm, our bluebell map has been filling up a little faster than expected. If the map loads slowly for you, please bear with us and check again later.

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