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Ancient woodland protection appeal

Ancient woodland only covers around two per cent of the land area of the UK. Yet, contrary to popular belief, it is not fully protected by Government policy.

Our evidence shows that safeguarding measures which are in place are simply not working. It is a tough ongoing battle, but we are fighting, keeping constant pressure on the Government and working tirelessly with communities, experts and people just like you.

This battle comes at a cost and we need your help.

Threats to our precious ancient woodland are relentless. A proposal to dig a 50 hectare quarry on historic Hopwas Wood in Staffordshire has only recently been withdrawn following pressure from community groups and the Woodland Trust.

But Hopwas is just one of hundreds of ancient woods threatened across the UK. While this great result shows what an impact people can have by standing up for woods and trees and making their views known, the clock is still ticking on woods that remain at risk. We are working hard to close a planning loophole stating ancient woodland must be protected unless the economic need for development outweighs the loss.

Help us continue the fight by donating to our Enough is Enough campaign.

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Whatever amount you chose to give, giving online is safe, secure and quick, and because it costs us less, more of your money goes directly to protecting woodland.


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