Kinclaven Bluebell Wood needs your help

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood is one of Scotland’s finest bluebell woods - it's ancient, astonishingly beautiful and crammed full of wildlife.

Thanks to an amazingly generous gift in a will from one of our supporters, it now belongs to Woodland Trust Scotland. We are so grateful to have such a special place in our hands and have begun to plan a bright future for the wood.

As part of planning we have been consulting with the local community of the management of the wood and its name. Based on their feedback and to avoid confusion with other woods in the area, we have decided to change the name from 'Ballathie Bluebell Wood' to ‘Kinclaven Bluebell Wood’.

Whilst we are now the proud owners of this magical wood and have plans to improve and extend it, Kinclaven still needs your help.

We urgently have to raise £200,000 so that we can protect Kinclaven Bluebell Wood, make sure it is properly cared for in the future and open it up so more people can visit and enjoy the bluebells.

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Kinclaven is incredible but it is vulnerable. It is vital we protect it from the twin threats of overgrazing and invasive species.

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Our plans for the future

Urgent work must be be done to secure the future of Kinclaven Bluebell Wood and we need your help to make it happen.

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History & wildlife

From Braveheart to brown hares, Kinclaven Bluebell Wood is ancient, astonishingly beautiful and crammed full of wildlife.

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