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On 6 May 2021, millions of Welsh voters, including 16-17 year olds for the first time, decided who will make up the next Welsh Parliament.

Your new representatives will have the power and influence to set Wales on a strong course to urgently address the climate and nature crises.

These elections were a crucial moment in determining the political leadership that will have the power to act on these crises. Planting and protecting woods and trees is key. Our manifesto, The Roots to a Green Recovery, details how and why future representatives must make this a priority to boost the green recovery that Wales urgently needs.

Now that representatives in the Welsh Senedd have been elected, we will begin working with new MSs to make sure that native woods and trees remain high on the agenda and that the action we need happens. Thanks to the hundreds of people that contacted their candidates, we have a powerful springboard from which to drive forward ambition and action.

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