In 2017, the Government made a manifesto commitment to make sure local people are consulted before urban street trees in England are felled.

There is now a vision for how this could work in practice, and in early 2019 the Government ran a consultation asking for your views.  

The consultation also:

  • sets out proposals to make local authorities report on tree felling and planting activities
  • outlines plans to establish best practice government guidance on local Tree and Woodland Strategies
  • suggests new powers for the Forestry Commission to address illegal felling and protect wooded landscapes.

On 15 October 2019, the Government published the consultation results.

Concern remains across the sector that, given ongoing cutbacks in public funding, the new duties placed on councils will be an unsurmountable burden. Without the proper funding, support and resources provided by central government, we share this concern.

The Government will continue to develop best practice guidance informed by this consultation, and will undertake further stakeholder engagement to develop a system that actually works and is fit for purpose. We’ll be following this closely and providing input where we can.

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