We are living in a climate emergency and trees must be part of the fightback.

To have a chance of hitting net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the Committee on Climate Change has stated that the UK needs 1.5 million hectares of additional woodland.

It’s a massive task. But it’s also a huge opportunity to create a better UK for people and wildlife.

We’ve got a plan to make it happen

Our Emergency Tree Plan sets out how the UK can tackle its biodiversity crisis and the global climate crisis. We must expand tree cover and protect and restore woodland on an unprecedented scale.

Our Emergency Tree Plan campaign has now closed

We asked you to to take action in each nation of the UK to call for our Emergency Tree Plan recommendations to be incorporated into policy.

More than 10,000 of you joined the call, showing our policymakers that native trees must be at the heart of the fight against climate change.

Thanks to your support we're closer to:

Get involved in our other campaigns

More improvements are needed to achieve a UK rich in native woods and trees. You can get involved in lots of ways. Speak up for trees by joining our other campaigns.