Add your voice to the call for government action

To truly fight back against climate change we need more than words from our leaders. We need action and trees. And we need them now.

This is a critical moment. Our governments are finalising policies and laws that could dramatically increase tree cover across the UK. Please add your voice to the call for government in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to achieve the increase in native woods and trees that we need to fight climate change.

Join the Big Climate Fightback - demand action for trees now

Speak up, wherever you live

What we'll achieve

Our aim is to ensure the Government makes space for native tree cover, expanding woodland across the UK. If we all speak up, this is what we'll achieve...

Credit: David Rodway / WTML

A massive increase in native woodland

Government policies and targets that will drive around 1.5 million more hectares of woodland, with the majority being native woods and trees.

Credit: Ben Lee / WTML

Funding for natural woodland regeneration

Government support that will allow natural woodland regeneration - where trees spread and self-seed naturally.