In 2017, thousands of you joined our campaign to save ancient woodland in Arundel from Highways England’s new road plans. The A27 bypass project wasn’t progressed further at the time, but now the road project has reared its head again. Ancient woodland and veteran trees face unnecessary damage and destruction and need your help.

Unacceptable route options

The project initially suggested three route options to link the existing dual carriageway on each side of Arundel. All impacted significant areas of ancient woodland. After returning to the drawing board, Highways England has now put forward six options. All six options still threaten irreplaceable ancient woodland or veteran trees.

In a time of climate and ecological emergency, we need to make sure our ancient woods and trees are thriving, not being bulldozed for new road schemes. These woods are wonderful for wildlife. They filter harmful pollutants and beautify the landscape. Road schemes that destroy ancient woodland and the natural environment are not a sustainable solution to traffic problems.

We asked you to tell Highways England again that destroying and fragmenting ancient woodland is unacceptable. The consultation closed on 24 October 2019 and we are now awaiting the results.

We’ll update this page when we know more, but rest assured we’re still fighting hard behind the scenes to save these precious ancient woodlands.

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