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Blessed recognition for nation's favourite trees

Brian Blessed has lent his support to Tree of the Year
Brian Blessed has lent his support to Tree of the Year

Blessed recognition for UK’s special old trees

National icon and tree lover Brian Blessed is urging people to nominate a special tree in the Woodland Trust’s Tree of the Year contest before it’s too late with the final deadline approaching on July 30.

Blessed recently voiced a giant yew tree in the charity’s Great Knott Wood in Cumbria and is calling on people to add their entry to the many already received by the conservation charity.

"Having voiced a grand old tree in Cumbria recently, I know that they have many wonderful stories to tell. We want to hear about the most impressive, unusual and knobbly specimens – a bit like me! After all, trees are more than just a bit of greenery; they are intriguing characters that have become a beloved part of our landscape and history. They deserve to celebrated and cherished. It reminds me of a Pamela Tennant poem: ‘But at night do you believe they're trees? They're little old men with twisted knees!'
Brian Blessed, National icon and tree lover


The Brimmon Oak in Wales narrowly missed out on being crowned the 2017 European Tree of the Year and the Woodland Trust, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, is hoping to go one step better next time around.

People are asked to nominate a tree ‘with a story’; this could be a link to a historical figure or event, a tree at the heart of a community or one which is just well loved.

Once again winning trees will also benefit from a tree care award of up to £1,000 thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. This can be used for arboricultural surveys or other maintenance, interpretation or even to support a community event in celebration of the tree.

The Woodland Trust has been recording data on its Ancient Tree Inventory since 2006 and over 160,000 trees have been added to date.

In September the Trust will reveal four regional shortlists for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for the public to vote on before one UK winner is then crowned. Anyone wishing to nominate can do so at