We’re working with DFS to tackle climate change and fund trees for schools, community groups and landowners through our tree packs.

We began working with DFS in 2019 when the group committed to mitigate its scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions through tree planting. Since then, our partnership has grown and DFS has launched their Planting Promise, which funds a tree for every furniture order.

What we're looking to achieve

  • Over the first two years working with us, DFS will fund the creation of 110ha of native woodland through our Woodland Carbon partnership.
  • Over 41,000 tonnes CO2 will be sequestered over the lifetime of over 175,000 trees.
  • DFS will fund the planting of a further 600,000 trees through their Planting Promise. These trees will be delivered by our free trees for schools and community groups and landowner tree packs.
pairs of breeding robins supported through habitat creation.

As a furniture manufacturer and retailer, comfort is at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to changing the upholstery industry and finding better ways of designing, making, selling, delivering, and recycling sofas. But our commitment to comfort doesn’t stop with sofas. It’s about making a positive difference to the environment we live and work in. We’re extremely proud that through our Planting Promise with The Woodland Trust we’re guaranteeing to plant a tree for every furniture order, supporting our nation’s green spaces and contributing significantly to reforestation.

Nick Smith
Managing Director, DFS

Making comfort sustainable

Our partnership with DFS fulfils part of the group's ESG strategy. Launched in 2019, the strategy follows a circular approach based on the lifecycle of a sofa, from sourcing and making, selling and delivering to reusing and recycling. The whole impact of the Sofa Cycle is measured in order to build in sustainability wherever DFS can. For example, sourcing FSC-compliant wood for the frames or planning the most efficient drop-off route for deliveries in order to minimise carbon emissions.

The group have committed to tackling the major environmental and supply chain issues faced day to day, implementing five-year targets to reduce the company’s environmental impact. Targeted areas of impact include: wood and leather sourcing, plastic packaging, sofa packaging, CO2 emissions and CO2 mitigation through The Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme.

UK Reforestation Coalition

DFS are also a steering group member of the UK Reforestation Coalition. The Coalition are a group of inspirational businesses who are taking collective action at scale to deliver a significant contribution to the Climate Change Committee’s target to plant 1.5 billion trees by 2050, helping the UK to reach net zero by 2050, while tackling devastating nature loss.

Contact us

Call us on 0330 333 5306 or email partners@woodlandtrust.org.uk to learn more about partnering with the Woodland Trust.