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Woodland Trust Office Paper

Woodland Trust Office Paper - the paper that plant trees

Thousands of trees planted. A carbon captured paper sold on the High Street.

Every sheet of Woodland Trust Office Paper supports projects which increase biodiversity, enhance social well-being and help the UK landscape adapt to climate change.

It is a unique licensed produced by Premier Paper which carries our logo – every single bit of the carbon which is used in putting it together goes to us to plant more trees.

Launched in 2014, it has so far generated over £68,000 to our cause and more than 2,000 trees have been planted.

The paper is produced under strict FSC® regulations, ensuring responsible forestry management. In fact the majority of raw material used to make it comes from wood cut down as part of thinning work in forests and sawmill waste.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) generated by the distribution and storage of Woodland Trust Office Paper is compensated by planting trees with our Woodland Carbon scheme.

The product is available in A4 and A3 sizes from our Woodland Trust Shop and in other High Street brands – 5p per ream goes directly to our work.

Woodland Trust Office Paper – the facts

  • Carbon capture included in the price
  • 5p from every ream sold goes to our work (this covers the carbon capture)
  • Sold by High Street retailers so high brand visibility
  • 96 per cent of the heat energy used to make WT Office Paper is produced from renewable bio fuel

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